The Ghost wants to thank Angus Tung, my classmate 李瓊 Because it is his really "Lie of Love" keeping that most precious of "0.7" for me to enable the Ghost to have the way to send the message through 部落格 me from the ghost side. The Ghost wants to thank Angus Tung, my classmate 李瓊, and showed me how the Ghost reward my classmate 李?591?to satisfy him with his next life to live inside a big beautiful zebra (So that he does not need to be locked inside any nightmare that al 西服l liar must have to be. I will die [After I die, I will become O2 - "偶.Tool" - "嘔吐" - "嘔.Sin.Leave.Shit", gone along with that Earth burn out wind] before D 保濕面膜ec.21 2011 as a loser, the Earth will be burned down by the hottest Sun not if but when after my classmate 李瓊 getting his next life as a beautiful Zebra freely happily running on tha 酒店兼職t beautiful spring windy natural field. The Earth must have to be burned down, because the space that used to lock down the liars already reaching to the limitation, cannot afford to risk any more inco 襯衫ming any more. ) freely happily running under spring windy golden light.Do not complain or blame "造.What.Lone.人", because Adam and Eve does not supposed to give birth; you don't feel good about your life, you n 部落格eed to blame your own parents, your own neighborhood, your own society, your own nation, your own man made form. You should do your share of duty to advise every one not to give birth or kill anyone who knows how to read and write committing the crime of 部落格birth instead of complaining or blaming "造.What.Lone.人" ( "造.What.Lone.人"-朱兆任-照像-朱兆祥 ["Boot.像.What"-林享華 林享華 has four sons, aged and height ladder and personality looked like 朱兆祥 朱兆任朱兆銘 朱兆吉>] -招命-朱兆銘-招妓 部落格-朱兆吉[another form of 陳致中 : Notice "Middle Finger"-Fuck-招妓-朱兆吉-陳致中-"Chen.Drew"/"X Master" 陳志強> -Date/棗子-擊中-"中.G" - 中基 ] ).   .msgcontent .wsharing ul li { text-indent: 0; } 分享 Facebook Plurk YAHOO! 結婚  .
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